Monday, October 03, 2005

Gambling with jokes

People love being entertained, but for those who love to entertain most of the time have a very difficult road to walk. An entertainment career can sometimes be regarded as a gamble but for some it can be seen as a most rewarding career. In the online industry jokes have amongst the largest support bases and continue to grow. A very high percentage of emails in this country also consist out of jokes. What is the secret to joke telling and how do comedians go about successfully make people laugh?

Apart from having a face like Barry Hilton there is certain things one need to do to be able to successfully target people’s smile muscles. Do not announce a joke, just tell it. Apart from this protecting you from insults and the humility of people not laughing it creates absolutely no anticipation from the audience of what is coming. This usually results in a spontaneous non judgmental laugh.

The best joke tellers usually speak at a normal conversational speed. If you look at the best comedians they usually tell there jokes with a normal conversation speed or even slower. Breathing itself is an art form in itself as the pace at which the joke is told directly effects the success. By controlling your breathing you ensure that the story is told normally and without interrupting your punch line.

Keeping eye contact with your audience is of extreme importance. When talking to a audience shift your eye contact from one person to another. Make the audience feel they are all talked at.

Telling clean jokes is usually the best else you might risk offending someone. You certainly don’t want a tomato or two accompany a big BOO. Always leave the best for last and know when to quit.

Finally enjoy yourself and be relaxed whilst entertaining the audience. Both tension and loose are contagious, rather be loose.

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